We offer a variety of workshops which include professional masterclasses, residencies and long creation projects that can be from 2 hours to 2 weeks in length and be tailor made to suit your needs. Our programme is also available for a diverse range of participants from all backgrounds, ages and abilities, including disadvantaged, disabled, and hard to reach groups.


Our workshops can be be-spoke, connected to curriculum subjects, arts week, ignite and inspire your Arts Mark & Arts Award programmes. Tmesis Theatre are an Arts Award supporter and we are happy to work with staff / whole school on creating a cultural learning experience within your school.

“The workshop was excellent…they gave us a springboard into a lot of creative ideas…providing an insight into some ways of approaching improvised movement and devising.”


Daniel Cambridge, Course Leader Performing Arts, Cronton College.


“Tmesis provide a fantastic workshop for GCSE Drama students and help them to develop a hands-on understanding of Physical Theatre that no text book can provide.”


Mrs. Helen Jeffery, Birkdale High, Southport


This workshop will give your students an insight into the Tmesis creative process and will provide exercises to devise physically, create characters and work as an ensemble. We can provide resource packs and are renowned for high quality, encouraging and inspiring delivery to support pupils work at GCSE, A-Level and BTEC.

“Elinor is a great movement director: passionate, energetic and incredibly detailed. I thoroughly enjoyed working with her on Narvik, and was particularly impressed with how well she adapted to working with a mixed ensemble of experienced, physical actors and musicians with little or no experience of movement. Elinor is an asset to a company and I look forward to working with her on future projects.”


Hannah Tyrell-Pinder Box of Tricks


We can come and work with you and your participants on any level to create a piece of work. We have done this for numerous organisations including 20 Stories High, Liverpool Everyman Ignition Project, Salford University and LIPA.

“I’ve had the honour to work with Tmesis on two different ignition projects. During that time I was treated with the up most respect by Elinor and her Tmesis team. They supported/guided my development as a performer and broaden my skill set regarding physical theatre.”


Manoka Mbolokele – Ignition Back up performer/ Tmesis Training Company


Tmesis are passionate about nurturing and supporting young people who are interested in the arts, and annually open their process to a small number of school, college or university students interested in observation or work experience. Get in touch enquire about this opportunity:

“A brilliant experience. Immerse, welcoming and creative. A true insight into the workings of the arts.”


– Joseph Owens, St John Plessington