Loss…immortality and our digital souls


What would happen if you could live forever? If you could bring your loved one back to life and resurrect their digital soul? Beyond Belief is a powerful and moving journey into the unnerving future of life and death in our social media obsessed, technology blinkered society. With their trademark, playful physical style Tmesis explore how we cope with loss in the digital age and how we won’t ever let Elvis die.


Happy Hour combines the company’s trademark physicality with comedy, music, and text from long-term collaborator Chris Fittock. It is a commission from Liverpool’s Unity Theatre.


The workers on Level 3 are racing against the clock to reach their quota of Smiley Faces, but are they really happy enough? A poignant, fast paced, comedy exploring our 21st century obsession with happiness and success. Can we learn to be happy? And can our emotions be bought and sold? The ‘happiness industry’ would have us think so…


From the Big Bang to mobile obsessed humans, Tmesis take you on a crazily transformative, fast paced, journey of our evolution. Using Tmesis’ trademark quirky, comic and entertaining physical style, with live music, this new family friendly piece is a brilliantly visual and physical spectacle for all ages, a transformational race though time!