‘Beautiful sensitivity…seduces us into it’s unexpected world.’
Irish Times
‘Rarefied…intriguing…pure and beautiful…performed with exquisite precision.’
The Guardian
‘Totally mesmerising…’
Liverpool Daily Post
‘Sensual, slow-motion movement explores this super close love affair with charm and wit.’
Time Out London
‘A tale of universal significance.’
The Stage

Winner of Best New Show 2003, Annual Daily Post Key Awards.


Tmesis was created and firstly performed in 2003 by Yorgos Karamalegos, Elinor Randle and Kate Cave and toured nationally and internationally. The company has re-worked their successful first piece for two performers.

Striking visuals, acrobatics, movement and music combine in this beautiful ancient Greek story of the origin of love and the reason why we search for our other half.

Tmesis is based on Aristophanes speech from Plato’s Symposium about the origin of love. It takes you back to the time where there were three sexes; the man the woman and the hermaphrodite. These eight-limbed creatures with two heads and their conflict with the Gods is a mesmerising evolutionary journey from the ancient Greek years to the modern man.


Reworked by: Tmesis Theatre

Previously reworked by: Linda Kerr Scott (Complicite)

Originally Directed by: Tmesis Theatre  and Rowan Tolley

Performed by Elinor Randle and Yorgos Karamalegos

Music written by: Barry Han – Viola Theme by: Michael Delta

Costumes: Kevin Pollard

Lighting Design: Phil Saunders