mentoring imageMASTERCLASSES
Focuses on Tmesis’ rigourous style of training and creating physical theatre on a professional level

Provides participants with the knowledge required in a number of areas when embarking on setting up a professional company.

Tmesis offer training for teachers, held twice a year in Liverpool over two days or specially arranged for your institution.

Tmesis’ annual festival offers participants: the opportunity to train for 10 days with a variety of renowned international practitioners, to showcase new work and to attend networking and cultural debate.

Artistic Director, Elinor Randle regularly mentors young artists and companies in the creation of work, including, Caustic Widows, Plastic Factory, Dough Theatre, Conflux/ Surge Festival-Glasgow.

If you are interested please get in touch.

‘Working with Eli has been an exhilarating and creatively challenging experience. Eli has the unique ability to be able to tap into the raw animalistic energy of every performer and to work physically with genuine reaction and emotion to create thrilling and captivating movement.  As a mentor, Eli is particularly good at investing in the world which the mentee brings to the rehearsal space and offering practical exercises and facilitating improvisation that can be used to generate material.  I have learnt so much from being mentored by Eli and will continue forward in my practice with a new found confidence in trusting my instinct as an artist and focusing on the natural precision and clarity of movement that is defining of Eli’s directing style.’
(Claire Willoughby- Performance Artist- Glasgow)

Volunteer placements, work experience and internships are available with the company. To be considered for this contact