Tmesis Theatre Training Company is an annual professional training project in physical theatre in association with Physical Fest and the Unity Theatre. The company hold open auditions annually for young people between 18 and 30 who are interested in a career in physical theatre and want more professional experience. The training company performs a new piece annually at Physical Fest, directed by Tmesis Theatre.
Former graduates have gone on to work professionally with the company including performer Ian Cook and stage manager Lucy Graham. There are opportunities annually for trainee stage mangers, writers and designers. To register interest contact

2017 Training Company Performance- Daydream Believers


An enthusiastic and talented cast matched disciplined choreography with improvised interaction with the audience in this feel-good show. I can’t put my finger on what it was about this show that had us all buzzing afterwards: we didn’t inhale but we were most definitely there.” 
North West End ****
It was an homage to flower power 50 years ago whist holding a mirror up to contemporary political and ideological divisions…a high-quality performance that will generate healthy discussion I must say, if this is the standard of the trainees, I can’t wait to see the professional performances over the next few days.
Art in Liverpool

From the very beginning we were all encouraged to not hold back and throw ourselves into the experience and I took a lot from that mentality. I’m going to throw myself in more and more to whatever experience from now on. I’m taking away that being part of an ensemble is something really special.One of the key things I have taken from the Tmesis Training Company was the heart warming sense of community, because of the way the whole team worked together to create an experience that was exciting and engaging for the audience. I’d do the whole experience again in a heart beat.

Martin Shead 2017 Company

“I gained confidence in myself again as an actor who can dabble in movement and physical theatre, something I’d really lost since graduating drama school as I wasn’t a dancer which is what I thought you needed to be to be a physical theatre performer! I learnt so much from being part of the festival, not only how supportive the community of Physical Fest is but the breadth of talent too. I was so inspired by the different shows we two were alike .”

Heather Carroll 2017 Company

“I have gained a greater confidence in devising and creating theatre. I have also gained a close network of creative individuals, who are committed to creating and performing new and meaningful work.” Ewan Pollitt 2017 Company

“I learned that physical theatre is a huge spectrum of different ideas and cultures. My knowledge of physical theatre has exploded!”

Lauren Whitter 2017 Company

2016 Graduate Company Performance- ‘Grimm’ an immersive fairytale experience